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Welcome to the John Howard Association of Illinois

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The John Howard Association, or JHA, independently monitors correctional facilities, policies and practices, and advances reforms needed to achieve a fair, humane and effective criminal justice system in Illinois.

JHA’s vision for Illinois is to achieve a smaller, rehabilitative criminal justice system that supports incarcerated individuals so they may return to society as productive citizens.

Watch JHA's Gwyn Troyer speak about the challenges aging inmates face when re-entering society

JHA’s Director of Prison Monitoring Gwyn Troyer took part in the Summit on Reentry, Reintegration and Aging hosted by the Jane Addams Center for Social Policy and Research, which focused on solutions to the barriers faced by older returning citizens as they reenter the community. Other participants included community partners, former prisoners and family of prisoners, as well as public policy stakeholders such as the Director of the Illinois Dept.