Lawrence Correctional Center

Lawrence Correctional Center (Lawrence) is located in Lawrence County, Illinois, about a four hour drive south of Chicago and an hour southeast of Effingham, near the Indiana border. It is a medium-security male facility within the Illinois Department of Corrections (IDOC).

Read JHA's 2014 report here. (PDF)

Vital Statistics:
Population: 2,352
Rated Capacity: 2,257
Average Age: 36
Average Annual Cost per Inmate (FY12): $16,807
Population by Race: 64.5% Black, 21% White, 14% Hispanic, 0.5% Other
Committing Offense: 12% Murder, 40% Class X, 20% Class 1, 19% Class 2, 5% Class 3, and 5% Class 4 felonies.
Source IDOC March 2014

Key Observations

  • With three onsite providers and TelePsych for approximately 560 individuals on the mental health caseload, and with 340 men, about 15% of the population, now designated seriously mentally ill, more mental health staff and training are needed at this facility.
  • Waitlists for educational and substance abuse offerings at Lawrence were staggering, both estimated in the four digits, representing nearly half of the population.
  • Lawrence did not offer non-legal general library due to a hiring requirement that the librarian hold an advanced degree.
  • There is a need for IDOC to adopt use of evidence-based risk assessment as mandated by the Illinois Crime Reduction Act of 2009, which should help the agency make better resource allocation decisions to improve reentry results.

Read JHA's 2014 report. (PDF)