Lincoln Correctional Center


Lincoln Correctional Center is a medium security adult female facility located in Lincoln, Illinois, about three hours southwest of Chicago and 40 minutes northeast of Springfield.

Read JHA's latest report on Lincoln here. (PDF)

Vital Statistics
Population: 995
Rated Capacity: 1018
Design Capacity: 500
Average Annual Cost per Inmate: $22,571
Average Age: 35
Source: IDOC facility webpage and
IDOC Quarterly Report, July 1, 2012

Key Observations

  • In 2011, Lincoln administrators reviewed and modified their grievance system to improve record tracking procedures. JHA stresses that a reliable grievance system is vital to a just
    correctional system.
  • Lincoln needs increased substance abuse and mental health services. Lincoln had waitlists of over 60 women for both substance abuse treatment and non-emergent mental health services.
  • Unlike most correctional facilities that JHA has visited, Lincoln has the benefit of both a medical doctor and nurses who are fluent in Spanish.
  • Lincoln suffers from crucial teacher shortages with half of the teaching positions empty.
  • Lincoln, like other IDOC facilities, suffers from nursing shortages. Several inmates complained of low quality of care and delays or denials of medical treatment, including
    diagnostic testing. Additionally, inmates at Lincoln, as at other IDOC facilities, report that medical copayments frustrate their access to healthcare. JHA commends Lincoln administration’s dedication to increasing medical literacy among inmates.
  • Lincoln women benefit from several notable facility-based and volunteer programs, and from staff who actively recruit and promote such services.