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The John Howard Association, or JHA, independently monitors correctional facilities, policies and practices, and advances reforms needed to achieve a fair, humane and effective criminal justice system in Illinois.



Just released: JHA 2016 Prison Survey Report: Logan Correctional Center

On April 26th, the John Howard Association released our inaugural Prison Survey Analysis report. 

In 2016 JHA instituted a pilot survey project in order to reach a greater number of people during our monitoring visits, thereby giving voice to hundreds more people per visit than we were able to in the past. The surveys have enhanced – not replaced – our traditional narrative and observation-based approach to prison monitoring. These surveys enable us to convey the prevailing attitudes and opinions of a sizable portion of inmates and prison employees, sharing and amplifying their perspectives and voices outside prison walls. This report reflects JHA’s findings based upon the results of surveys distributed to inmates and staff at Logan Correctional Center in June of 2016.

The results of JHA’s first survey report are particularly timely given Illinois’ focus on using the recently completed Gender Informed Practice Assessment (GIPA) to inform practice and policy in women’s prisons, as well as the recently introduced House Bill 3904, the Women’s Correctional Services Act, which would ensure that women in prison, suffering from trauma, get the help and services they need.  

JHA’s survey project and reports increase transparency and information sharing. This initial report is based on JHA’s pilot survey instrument administered at one prison. Subsequent JHA survey reports will be based upon refined versions of the survey instruments used at Logan, adjusted to resolve minor issues that came to JHA’s attention during the initial use and processing of the surveys. JHA looks forward to increasing the use of surveys during our visits, and releasing future reports including one covering surveys administered at nine IDOC facilities to more than 1,500+ inmates in 2016.

2016 Adult Prison Monitoring Report

Read JHA's two-part in-depth report on developments over 2016 within Illinois’ adult prison system.  Part I includes our Executive Summary and discussion of Data Collection & Reporting.  Part II focuses on Living & Working Conditions inside state facilities.