Taylorville Correctional Center

Taylorville Correctional Center (Taylorville) is a male minimum-security prison. It is located about a half hour southeast of Springfield or four hours southwest of Chicago.

Vital Statistics:
Population: 1,203
Rated Capacity: 600
Operational Capacity: 1,221
Average Annual Cost Per Inmate: $20,034
Average Length of Stay: Average Age of Inmate: 37
(Source: IDOC 5/24/2011)

Key Observations

  • On the day of JHA’s visit, there were 1,203 inmates at Taylorville, despite the fact that the facility was originally designed to hold 600 and has a current operational capacity of 1,221. Governor Quinn and the Illinois General Assembly must find a way to decrease the state’s rising prison population through passing sentencing reform, funding alternatives to incarceration, and creating a safe and cost-effective replacement for Meritorious Good Time, the early release program that was suspended in 2009.
  • Taylorville is a designated security threat group-free facility, meaning that none of its inmates are gang affiliated.
  • Taylorville prides itself on its programming. The facility offers a variety of options for inmates, from life-skills classes to college courses.
  • Taylorville’s facility is in good repair and is clean and sanitary. The inmates’ clothing, however, is often inadequate in both quality and quantity.

Read the latest JHA report here. (PDF)