Dixon Correctional Center


Dixon Correctional Center (Dixon) is a medium-security facility that also operates: the maximum-security Dixon Psychiatric Unit (DPU), which serves as the primary psychiatric correctional facility for the Illinois Department of Corrections (IDOC); a Special Treatment Center (STC) for inmates with mental illness or developmental disabilities; and a substantial healthcare unit.

Read JHA's 2013 Dixon report here.(PDF)
Vital Statistics:
Population: 2,415
Rated Capacity: 1,430
Average Age: 42
Percentage of Population aged 50+: 29%
Average Annual Cost per Inmate (FY 2011): $24,714
Source IDOC, March 2013

Key Observations

  • As Dixon houses a large percentage of elderly inmates, as well as providing mental health housing, it presents a preview of the increasing needs of Illinois’ growing prison special populations and related healthcare issues.
  • However, without examination and agency or public data on such issues, IDOC and Illinois remain limited in their planning capacity.
  • Dixon would benefit from offering some substance abuse programming; however, current demands on counselors make offering even voluntary substance abuse educational programs difficult.
  • The facility had critical vacancies at the time of the visit including healthcare administrators and the chaplain.


  • Read JHA's 2013 Dixon report here.
  • Read JHA's 2010 report here.