IYC-Kewanee (Kewanee) is a mixed medium and maximum-security facility for boys. Located about two and a half hours west of Chicago, Kewanee serves several distinct purposes for the Illinois Department of Juvenile Justice (IDJJ), including providing 24-hour infirmary care and housing youth suffering from acute mental illness, youth labeled juvenile sex offenders (JSOs), and youth designated maximum-security.

Read JHA’s 2014 report here. (PDF)

Vital Statistics
Population: 210 (Note as of 2/28/15 Population: 190)
Average age: 17.8
Average length of stay: 239 days
Average annual cost: $84,005.00
Population by Race: 57% White, 32% African American, 11% Hispanic
(Source: IDJJ 4/2014)

Key Observations:

  • Kewanee remains a problematic facility, largely due to chronic understaffing, for high-risk, high-need youth who most need treatment and programming.
  • Understaffing is particularly unwise and harmful for youth with acute mental health needs, wherein youth need individualized mental health treatment plans and treatment.
  • Location remains a frequent barrier to contacts with families and counsel.
  • Kewanee requires physical plant improvement.
  • Although Kewanee houses challenging populations, the facility would benefit from fully implementing positive incentive programs in use at other facilities.
  • Alternative Placement disciplinary methods appear ineffective as currently structured.
  • JHA continues to have serious concerns about safety at this facility.

Read JHA’s 2014 report here. (PDF)
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The John D. And Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation’s initiative, Models for Change, has funded the John Howard Association of Illinois (JHA) to monitor IDJJ’s facilities.