Logan Correctional Center

Reports Logan Correctional Center (Logan) is located in Lincoln, Illinois, about a two hour and forty-five minute drive south of Chicago and a 30-minute drive north of Springfield. Logan was repurposed in March 2013 as a multiple security level female facility, which also operates the female intake Reception and Classification center (R&C) for the Illinois Department of Corrections (IDOC).

Vital Statistics: Population: 1,985 Rated Capacity: 1,106 Operational Capacity: 2,019 Average Age: 36 Population aged 50 or older: 11% Cost per Inmate: $23,932 Convicted in Cook County: 44% Population by Race: 47% Black, 43% White, and 9% Hispanic Source: IDOC, November 2014



Key Observations

  • In 2013, the Quinn administration closed several correctional facilities in the face of severe prison overcrowding, consolidating the majority of its female prison population in Logan, a male medium security prison, without adequate resources to do so or a viable plan to reduce the prison population.
  • While the Quinn administration argued repurposing Logan would reduce costs and create a more efficient and rehabilitative environment for the state’s female prison population, it has exacerbated overcrowded conditions, damaged IDOC’s capacity to address the needs of female inmates, and failed to generate meaningful cost savings.
  • Class action federal litigation has challenged the constitutional adequacy of mental health treatment within IDOC. Recent suicides at Logan expose the need to address the lack of mental health resources for the state’s female prison population.
  • Without significant reductions in Illinois’ female prisoner population, the best that IDOC’s staff and administration can do with Logan is to try to sustain a precarious, ineffective, and expensive status quo.