Prison Inmate & Staff Surveys

In 2016, JHA instituted a pilot survey project in order to reach a greater number of people during our monitoring visits, thereby giving voice to hundreds more people per visit than we were able to in the past. After a successful pilot at Logan Correctional Center, JHA enhanced our survey, and now administers both inmate and staff surveys on all adult correctional center visits.  These surveys are anonymous and voluntary.

The surveys have enhanced, not replaced, JHA's traditional narrative and observation-based approach to prison monitoring. These surveys enable us to convey the prevailing attitudes and opinions of a sizable portion of inmates and prison employees, sharing and amplifying their perspectives and voices outside prison walls. Data from surveys will ensure the opinions of a higher percentage of people at the facility are registered and help better gauge changes in perceptions over time.

JHA's survey project and reports increase transparency and information sharing.  The survey results will be used by JHA to supplement other information regularly obtained in monitoring work including data collection, policy review, observations, interviews, and other communications.  Information collected during the visits forms the basis of JHA’s recommendations and reports, which in turn, provide the public with objective information about Illinois prisons and the perceptions of those directly affected.

Recent survey results available include: