Stateville Correctional Center

Stateville Correctional Center (Stateville) is a Level One maximum-security adult male facility, first opened in 1925. It is located in Crest Hill, Illinois, about one hour southwest of Chicago.

Vital Statistics Population: 1,608 Rated Capacity: 978 Average Annual Cost per Inmate: $32,693 Average Age: 35 (Source: IDOC, 12/4/11)

Key Observations

  • Stateville is the most complex of all Illinois’ prisons, containing general population, segregation, and protective custody units, as well as housing inmates on temporary court and medical writs awaiting transfer. Stateville is also situated next to the Northern Reception and Classification Center (NRC), the major adult male intake and classification unit for the state of Illinois.
  • Stateville is home to the roundhouse, the only functioning panopticon in the United States.
  • Stateville suffers from significant staffing shortages, particularly in mental health, medical and clerical positions.
  • Despite the efforts of the administration, parts of Stateville are infested with pests and vermin.
  • The racial makeup of Stateville’s population is roughly 69 percent African American; 19 percent white; 12 percent Hispanic; and less than 1 percent Native American and Asian.

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